Do you want to know the process of key programming a car key chip? We all know that the key programming process is a scientific concept that is not possible to do all alone. And therefore, you need the assistance of an expert or a specialized locksmith to make it happen successfully.

The need and importance of key programming are getting extensively high to protect the car against theft issues. Right through this guide, we will help you get an idea about how you can do the whole job for a car key chip. Let’s get into the discussion below:

Steps for a Single Key Programming

Numerous manufacturers let you program any single key even though if the key is working. There is still a need to have the key cutting to get fitted into the ignition. This generally means that you should be providing evidence of ownership to an expert locksmith. The process of key programming a single key is simple and less complex in comparison to the second or the third key:

  1. Insert your key inside the ignition and make it turn towards the on position. You have to turn on the electronics and not the engine.
  2. Let the key stay in this positioning for a maximum of 10 minutes, and then turn it off.
  3. Turn on the key once again ad wait for at least 10-11 minutes before you turn it off once again.
  4. Now repeat this process for the third time.
  5. Return your key once again to one position, and this is how you can start the key programming.
  6. At last, test the new key by turning it on over the ignition.

Steps for a Second or Third Key Programming

For the key programming of your second or third key, you have to follow the below-mentioned guidelines very carefully:

  1. Settle yourself on the driver seat in such a position where it is easy to reach. For the two existing keys, you have to set your second existing key by the side of the blank. Swap them quickly and make sure they are closer to one another.
  2. Once you are ready, you should insert the working key within the ignition and turn it to its on position. Turn your key to such a point where the activation of the car’s electrical system is placed.
  3. Be quick to remove your first key and insert the second key because you have five seconds to do this step. Your key programming will fail if you miss these five seconds.
  4. You have to repeat the whole swapping process for the third key by following the same steps you did with the second key. If the third key is not available, then let the second key stay in the ignition.
  5. When the key programming is in process, you have to make sure that the light on the dashboard is on for at least three seconds. Once the light is off, remove your key and reinsert it to test the key programming process.


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