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Residential locksmith services in Bakersfield, California  

Master Locksmith Bakersfield Ca. is a locally-owned, professional locksmith service provider offering full home lockout solutions throughout Bakersfield and surrounding areas. Whether you need to repair a broken lock or you want to install a smart lock in your home, we are always here to help you. All of our professionals are certified, efficient and will always strive to provide you with the best solutions to keep your home safe and secure.

As a licensed residential locksmith contractor in Bakersfield, California, we offer high quality and insured locksmith services for your home, apartment, flat, or condo. From rekeying to damaged lock repair, new window lock installation to home access system installation Our technicians can solve all your lock and key-related issues within a short time. We pride ourselves on hundreds of positive reviews from our satisfied customers.

When it comes to emergency locksmiths, Master Locksmith Bakersfield Ca. provides 24/7 emergency home lockout solutions at competitive rates throughout Bakersfield and neighboring towns. Whether it’s midnight or early morning, our professional locksmiths are always ready to help you out. We are just one call away! So, call us whenever you need our assistance and one of our professionals will reach you soon and help you to get unlocked.

What we offer

Check out our full range of residential locksmith service:

New lock installation


Solving key-related issues

Home access system installation

Lock repair and replacement

Emergency home lockout service

And much more…

What We Offer

Check out our full range of residential locksmith service:

Home security

Your home is your safe area and your asset. We know you will leave no stone unturned to protect your family and belongings. Considering that, we offer many security options, whether it is your home, condo, or apartment. We are your door to experienced and professional locksmiths who can fix any home security-related issue. Home security involves multiple enter and exit points. With us, you can enjoy complete residential locksmith solutions. Master Locksmith Bakersfield Ca. services consist home access systems, keypad locks, door security, and more. Do you Want to secure your residential belongings? Give us a call for a free consultation. 

Safe locksmith

Master Locksmith Bakersfield Ca. offers professional safe opening services for a wide range of models. Throughout its lifespan, a safe might develop multiple problems, lockout is a common one of them. In most cases, you can deal with the problem by dialing diagnostics, and then making the right repairs. In other cases, complicated techniques may be necessary. Please count on Master Locksmith Bakersfield Ca. to fix your safe problems. Our professionals might ask you for several facts over the phone for safe identification, such as:

Make and model


The shape of the handle

Description of the lock(s)

Cash rating


Physical description of the hinges


Lost or broken key

Forgotten combination

Break-in attempt

Home access systems in Bakersfield

Advanced home access systems can take the security level of your home one step ahead. Consider choosing smart lock installations. Master Locksmith Bakersfield Ca. can install smart locks at your residential property. No matter wherever you are, you can have full control of your security device with an app directly from your mobile phone. A smart lock has a complex mechanism. We make sure that the smart-lock works in sync with your existing deadbolt. Once we verify compatibility, we will set up the smart lock. Before we leave, our technicians will ensure that the lock is in good condition.

Lock rekeying in Bakersfield

Master Locksmith Bakersfield Ca. can help you if you want your new keys to be compatible with your existing locks. We will check if your locks are in good working condition. If we discover pronblemic issues, we suggest lock repair. Also, if necessary, we will help you install new locks. However, if we don’t find any problem with your lock, we’ll suggest rekeying them. For rekeying your locks, we’ll follow the following process:

Removal of the doorknob

Disassembling the lock

Removal of the pins and replacing them with new compatible ones.

Why should you rekeying your locks? There might be multiple situations in which you might need to rekey your locks. Those might be:

You have lost your keys

Tenants are moving out

Recent burglary

Rekeying is the solution in all such situations.

Our Other Residential Services in Bakersfield

Our lock technicians at Master Locksmith Bakersfield Ca. will take care of all your residential locksmith concerns. We solve a wide range of issues:

Whether it is a deadlock, digital door locks, padlocks, patio door locks, sliding door locks, etc. we have solutions for all types of locks.

We can take care of door adjustments, hardware installation, high-security locks, motorized locks, stand-alone electronic locks, and more.

Our technicians can fix all the lock and key-related issues in your condo, homes, and apartments.

Master Locksmith Bakersfield Ca offers an array of services. We will take the best care of your asset.

Master Locksmith Bakersfield Ca. will be there for you 24/7 and fix any emergency lock problems. Don’t panic if you get locked out of your house. Accidents are unpredictable. Lockout accidents can take place at an inconvenient time and location. In such conditions, you will need a quick and secure way out. 

If you come across a lockout problem, you might try to break into your home by breaking a window or by picking the lock. Taking such attempts will harm the situation rather than resolve it  and could, likely, lead to unwanted expenses towards repairing the broken window or lock and can be quite expensive.

When it is about dealing with a lockout problem, don’t waste time. Instead, give us a call. You can breathe a sigh of relief with us. We will be there for you 24/7. Even if it’s midnight, don’t hesitate to pick the phone up and give us a call. We can resolve any emergency lock and key related problem. It is how we’ve earned the trust of countless clients in Bakersfield and outskirts. We aim to offer you a secure and quick fix at an affordable rate.

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