Performing the task of key extractions is not easy if you do not have basic knowledge about them. In some cases, it may happen so frequently that your car keys get stuck inside the lock, and that too at an inconvenient time. The metal can get soft with time, making it bend a bit and let the keys snap off into the lock.

If not handled properly, a broken key can quickly push itself into the lock, which can be a big hassle for you. This is where hiring a locksmith can solve your problem with the help of tools they use for the key extractions. Let’s see which essential tools they use for removing broken keys from locks.

List of Tools to Use for Removing Broken Key Extractions from Locks

1. Pliers

To deal with the broken key extractions situation, needle nose pliers are available in various sizes and shapes. You can use this tool if you see the broken key a bit sticking out of the lock, and it is easy for you to pull it off. Hence, you can easily pull out the broken key by applying lubricant to the area and letting it soak for a few minutes.

The key should be pulled carefully out of the lock because grabbing it incorrectly will send it back. If the broken key has gone too far into the main keyhole, another tool is required for pulling out the key extractions.

2. Tweezers

Next, we have the tweezers tool that you can use if the needle-nose pliers aren’t working properly. For some people, nose pliers are pretty large, and they are clunky in grasping. Tweezers do not have the same pulling strength as pliers and are ineffective when slipping off the broken key out of the keyhole. Make sure you do not push the broken key too far into the car lock when using tweezers.

3. Mini Hacksaw Blades

If you want to remove the broken key from the central keyhole, using hacksaw blades or a small jigsaw is the right tool. Some locksmiths already have a unique key extraction tool. And it is similar to a mini hacksaw or the jigsaw blade in working. You will hence push the extraction tool just deep into the central keyhole. In this way, the broken part of the key extractions will instantly be caught onto the blade grooves. If it gets caught, just pull it off.

4. Paper Clips

Our last key extractions tool is the paper clips, similar to a hacksaw blade or mini jigsaw. Thus, you need to bend the paper clip into a straight line. It gets inserted into the keyhole just above the broken key area. Once it is positioned far enough into the key lock, you can easily twist it down to grab the broken key.

When the paperclip catches the broken key, it will pull it out for your convenience. Paperclips are more convenient than tweezers or pliers in different broken key situations.

A Final Word

To smoothly deal with broken key extractions, use any of the tools mentioned above. Remove the broken key from the keyhole as soon as possible. Get the tool with which you can work conveniently without any hassle.


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