Master keying Bakersfield – You can amass quite a collection of keys around your house with enough time. Perhaps you have the key to your car, the back door key, or the front door key. Perhaps you have a key to your parents’ house, an emergency key from one of your neighbors, or the lock code to a post office box.

You manage to keep track of a lot, but it’s challenging. It would be impossible if you were to apply the same system to a warehouse or office building.

We recommend switching to a master key system if you have different doors for your business. These master keying systems can be available by many houses that have more keys than they can manage to improve efficiency and increase security.

What are the benefits of using a master keying system?

Businesses and property managers in Bucks County who wish to understand how master key systems work must first learn about the fundamentals of a cylindrical lock also called a single-key lock.

The pins of a lock cylinder are divided up into two sets. Key pins are located at the bottom of the lock. As they touch the ridges on a key, they are slightly raised up.

The driver pins in the master key are above them. It is settled down in a place by springs, and they rise when the pins below them push against them. When the correct key is inserted into the lock, the two pins form a ridgeline called the sheer line at the center.

The cylinder can turn. It can be unlocked up soon as the shear line appears – or “clears.” How is this different from the regular lock system? There is another pin.

You can add a master wafer or master pin between the drive pin and key pin. Yet any standard lock can be made into a master keying system. There will be two shear lines in the lock when the master wafer is in place, allowing two keys to cut differently to fit into the same lock.

How does a master key system benefit you?

In general, master key systems improve property security because they restrict access to specific areas of your property.

A master keying system allows Bucks County business owners to restrict access to specific rooms and areas of their facility.

As well as master keys, there are different levels:

  • Having a master key or grand master key allows you to open all the locks in a building and control their operation.
  • Your team should have sub-master keys that they can use to access their specific areas.
  • Staff who needs access to specific areas like bathrooms or storerooms will find maintenance keys helpful, particularly after hours.

Can anyone use a master key system?

Master key systems are commonly best to use in the following places:

  • Property managers and landlords in Bucks County can access every apartment in one dwelling with a master key system rather than lugging around a giant key ring.
  • The master key allows security personnel to patrol different parts of the property without switching from key to key.
  • You can let your cleaning crew use a single key instead of handling multiple keys for multiple doors.

Master keying Conclusion

Master keying systems are easy to upgrade by a professional locksmith. Security and convenience can are balanced perfectly with a system especially designed by the professional locksmith.

Compared to complex, large systems, simple systems that are relatively small require a lot less planning time. A master key system should be carefully deliberate to ensure a specific key does not open another by accident.

To prevent accidents, such as accidentally opening the wrong door with the wrong key, the company makes a unique master key chart that provides key cuts. By maintaining a chart, it is best that no cuts are reused, resulting in zero errors.

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