The best definition of key cutters is a machine that cuts keys. To duplicate keys, a key cutting machine removes and forms the required material. The primary means of reproducing duplicate keys is through these machines. A flat or blank key is insert up into a vice or grip and tighten up with the key cutters.

As the key is fixing up into the guide, it is parallel to the blank and roll out along the wheel to be cut. The new key may have sharp edges that should smooth after being cut. Metal wire brushes, or other abrasive tools, can usually do the job. It is hence essential to smooth the duplicate key before inserting it into the key cutting lock so that it does not catch in the lock. The sharp edges of the duplicate key could also be hence dangerous.

These days, most models of key cutters are automatic and use equipment to grind or mill the keys.

What is the process of a key cutting with a keycutter machine?

key cutting machines that cut keys work on the principle of ‘copying.’ The key cutter machine grinds a replica of the teeth of one key into a blank key while you trace the teeth of another key. You should first select a blank key that resembles the original key.

What Happens During the Key Cutting Process?

The basic function of key cutting machines are reshaping a blank metal key. In most cases, our local locksmith begins by selecting the closest match to the lock, which is a blank metal key. Using a key cutting machine, keys are hence trim up or shave off to match the original key shape. Usually, this process can be accomplishing upon quickly and at a low cost.

However, the actual process of cutting keys involves much more. The key cutters machine will be insert-up with two keys (one of the original keys and one of the blank keys from the key bank). Blank keys have flat blades, and the original key is utilizing as a guide to cut them.

To guide the key cutters device, both keys are place upon on top of one another. Indentation and grooves should cut the key by the key cutting machine. This is hence to replicate the original key as closely as possible to ensure that the key fits perfectly with the lock it was cut for.

Deburring the cut key is the final step in key cutting. The purpose of deburring is to file down any sharp edges that may have remained on the key due to the cutting process, thus preventing any injuries or damage to the user or your lock.

Is it possible to make any key with a key machine?

Almost all keys can be replicating up with today’s electronic key cutting machines with onboard computers and interchangeable jaw assemblies. It is often as simple as pointing and clicking to operate an electronic key cutting machine.


Any key can be cut by means of using key cutting machines. Regardless of what you need, we have the right key machine for you! Machines that duplicate keys create copies of existing keys. Other key cutters options include automatic, semi-automatic, and manual key duplication machines, as well as laser key cutting machines that produce multiple types of keys quickly and precisely.


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