Bakersfield Locksmith Mobile Guide on Lock Types for Homes

Choosing the right lock is important for securing the homes. There are several lock types in the market and Bakersfield locksmith mobile believes you should choose one of them. However, you aren’t sure which lock would help you secure the home. Each has its own pros, cons and features that are unique and impressive. With the smart features added to the locks, it can enable extensive security. Here are a few lock types that you can use for your home.

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1. Traditional deadbolt locks are the first types that you can invest in. They are quite sturdy and impressive. It comes in a single piece design. It offers a manual operation, which means you would need a key or a thumb turn to move it. one of the main reasons to use these locks it the durable structure. It is quite reliable when it comes to securing the home. The moving parts don’t fail very easily. as a result, you may not face mechanical failure issues with it. However, they are not convenient owing to manual operation, according to locksmith near Bakersfield CA. Moreover, there are restrictions with manual locks.

2. The second type of locking system that is used is known as knob locks. You will find these door knobs along the interior part of the doors. You will use keyed entry to enter the door. You can also add a simple push button locking system to the door. It is one of the most aesthetically functioning locking system. It can easily match with the interior designs. These locks are highly affordable. You can easily install them to your homes. However, they aren’t too secure on the exterior doors. Moreover, they are vulnerable and cause issues.

3. You can use lever handle locking systems to keep your home secure. They are mostly used to access the commercial or residential doors. You can access it via keyed opening systems. You can also use the push button locking systems. The best part of these locks is that it is accessible and compliant with ADA. Moreover, they are easier to access and are quite mobile. It doesn’t offer the deadbolt security that homes need. Moreover, it is vulnerable to forced entry.

4. Mortise locks are also favorites among Bakersfield locksmith mobile. You can embed this system to the door. It also comes with a complex mechanism that enhances the security of the locking system. It offers the perfect security that restricts forced entry into the house. Moreover, it is the best fit for vintage or historic homes. However, you might need a professional to help with the door locking system. It is also expensive when compared to standard locking systems.

5. Smart locking systems allow users to enter using biometrics, apps or key codes. It is easy to integrate the locks with the smart systems at your home. It enhances the home automation systems. They are highly convenient and customizable. You can use access control to manage it. It ensures remote monitoring. However, it can be slightly expensive and relies completely on technology. The locksmith near Bakersfield CA believes this is the most secure locking system.

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